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Zahavi Atzmon was founded over seventy years ago, a family business, leading in the design field, finishing materials and accessories for construction, for both private and commercial use in Israel. The products include porcelain, stone, marble, ceramic and parquet for flooring and coverings and also bathroom fixtures, faucets, kitchen accessories and swimming pools accessories, all of which are from the world's leading brands.

Results of decades of work are an integral part of the landscape and can be seen in residential towers, commercial centers, hotels, shopping malls, swimming pool, homes and in other projects.

The core value of "Zahavi Atzmon" is its fine updated design, with values that go beyond  aesthetic and fashion, fulfilling  its commitment to the environment and true to green values.

Recognition of the importance of protecting the environment has led "Zahavi Atzmon" to make the company's core value an ecological character. Accordingly, the company functions under viable policy, with social responsibility and has adopted an environmental management system, according to the strict standard ISO14001.

Promoting the ecological approach is reflected in different ways:

• Careful choice of products for marketing 

• Well designed and planned showrooms

• Internal aspect – dedication to employees' work environment

•  Environmental education

• Saving energy and water consumption

• Various kinds of waste recycling

• Use of recyclable materials

• Working with international companies who are committed to the environment.

Social initiatives are another expression of environmental responsibility: "Zahavi Atzmon" works in conjunction with local associations to create joint projects that use recycled materials. These initiatives help ensure the continuation of the associations' activity.

The company's flagship showroom is located in Lehi St. in Bnei Brak, the heart of the design and construction in Israel, and is a center for those looking for design and lifestyle, who want to keep up with developments and trends in these fields. In addition, there are three other showrooms located in Rishon Lezion, and Haifa.All  four showrooms are manned by experienced and professional staff who offer consultation in design and construction.

In addition, the showrooms have specialized departments for contractors and architects, which provide professional consulting services for projects on different scales.

Responsible Design

It is known and understood all over the world that the Earth's natural resources are limited and disappearing at an alarming rate. However, the impression is, that despite this, not enough is being done to change the situation.

 We at Zahavi Atzmon have decided not to be bystanders and have joined with other companies and organizations in doing something, to be personally and socially responsible, and to take an active part in protecting the environment and in the promotion of green building in Israel.

Consequently, the company works according to the principals of sustainability and has adopted the Environmental Management protocol, the ISO14001 standard. Ecological thinking is indivisible from the company's management and day to day operation: conservation of water and energy, recycling of waste materials and the use of bio-degradable materials.

 Zahavi Atzmon's Green Scale

The Green Scale – an environmental scale that ranks all of our products according to environmental parameters. We have created a strict system to examine each product which is measured from the standpoint of environmental responsibility, it's conformance to international green standards, ecological production and the use of environmentally friendly materials.

The Green Scale was developed in cooperation with: Advocate Kobi Nir from "Green Directions", the architect, Dr. Yossi Cory from the Geotectura Studio and with the aid of the Maala Association, Business for Environmental Responsibility

The Green Scale sticker will, from now on, appear on all of our products.


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