Piedra Coto is inspired in the beauty of the classic stones used since antiquity, a major component of its aesthetic appeal.Piedra Coto extends like a white mantle over any flooring surface. Its clarity and Mediterranean aesthetic make this the perfect outdoor material for this type of zone. A stone that in a saw-cut finish presents a smooth and nuanced surface, while in its ferro finish it acquires a rough texture that makes it even more resilient if possible.The PAVEX stone collection is characterised by its extremely high resilience, making it particularly recommendable for high-traffic outdoor areas such as squares, parks or pedestrian streets.A Natural Stone selection especially devised for urban areas. PAVEX surface finishes are especially devised for high resistance to outdoor conditions.
A non-slip finish suitable for outdoors and recommended for use in public spaces. In general, it is the most widely used material in more urban areas such as retail or restaurant spaces.A softly brushed honed finish. Furthermore, the rough surface finish and rustic edges allow it to integrate even more successfully into more historic and emblematic settings. It is also non-slip and suitable for outdoor use.This finish enhances the natural seams of the stone, giving it a surface roughness. Ochre hues dominate the palette of this collection of stones.Contact our technical department to respond to any queries about architectural solutions or about the product.Consult on all your devices the catalogue of the complete Levantina collection.