The quintessential red marble optimised for outdoor paving.Rojo Alicante marble joins the PAVEX range by Levantina as a new option for outdoor floors. A natural product with surface grooves that increase its non-slip properties, making it even more optimal for exteriors. The boldest material in the range for creating exteriors with intense personality.The PAVEX stone collection is characterised by its extremely high resilience, making it particularly recommendable for high-traffic outdoor areas such as squares, parks or pedestrian streets.A Natural Stone selection especially devised for urban areas. PAVEX surface finishes are especially devised for high resistance to outdoor conditions.
The surface is presented in a matt finish that reveals the beauty and intensity of the natural tonality of our PAVEX Rojo Alicante. The grooving makes this finish resistant to slipping.Ochre hues dominate the palette of this collection of stones.Contact our technical department to respond to any queries about architectural solutions or about the product.Consult on all your devices the catalogue of the complete Levantina collection.