Hand in hand with this fully on-trend granite, outdoor and indoor domestic spaces acquire an exclusive and harmonious image.Warwick Rubí originates in India. Belonging to the exclusive Naturamia®, it represents a new chapter in the design of interiors and in contemporary homes as an exclusive material for cladding the walls of drawing rooms, dining rooms and studies and as a stone of minimalist beauty, ideal for porches and outdoor relaxation areas. With this granite, vertical and horizontal elements are given a starring role in the decorative ensemble, as beautiful stony and polished pearly white slabs that transmit harmony and spatial purity to an extent that is difficult to equal. Its technical features make this a latest-generation cladding, providing an unequivocal stamp of modernity and distinction.The bacteriostatic and anti-stain treatment the material is given as standard and the simple maintenance they require make of the stones in Naturamia® Collection a star product for kitchens and bathrooms.This millennial stone becomes versatile and adaptable to all surfaces in inhabitable spaces and in interior decoration. On countertops, walls, floors, facades and exterior floors (only in flamed and shot-blasted finishes). The stones in Naturamia® are marketed in different finishes, giving each material a highly personal appearance.
This is the most characteristic finish, achieving an inimitable effect that reflects light and objects like a mirror. Matt effect that gives to the surface of this stone a soft and smooth finish.Exclusive and highly personal settings Contact our technical department to respond to any queries about architectural solutions or about the product. Consult on all your devices the catalogue of the complete Levantina collection.