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Avorio is a great classic that in the tradition of the Collection line gives life to timeless surfaces. A solution that warms the rooms, conveying a feeling of cosiness. The Collection Avorio slabs are particularly suitable for furnishing design elements as well as for cladding large outdoor areas. The plain colour gives solidity along with versatility: the chromatic adaptability makes the slabs combinable with different design choices. This is the strength of the Collection series: in the Ivory colour perhaps it reaches its highest expression. A everlasting collection, an institution for Laminam that continues to evolve with a range of full and trendy colours. Avorio, a highly-demanded neutral colour, fits perfectly with the other Collection shades, characterised by a full-body colour, for elegant combinations in perfect Laminam style. This shade is available in the 1000×3000 mm size with Laminam 3 and Laminam 3+ thicknesses and in the Natural finish. Like all Laminam surfaces, it resists to temperature sudden changes, impacts and scratches.

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