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The cosmopolitan air of Bristol, with a wealth of traces of the city’s post-industrial heritage, is reflected in the brand-new surface crafted by Ceramica Rondine, inspired by the typical brick facades found there. The allure, feel and urban spirit of bricks springs back to life in this porcelain stoneware, evident in which is the strongly contemporary nature of the vibrant neighbourhoods that make up this English city. The vintage reflections take possession of the walls, filling the home with a sophisticated new mood enhanced with retro details, reproducing the effect of hollow ceiling tiles and small brick surfaces. Leading-edge ceramic technology goes into crafting 20 surfaces that offer an accurate reproduction of the shades of brick, thus breathing life into a new material generation: the Brick Generation. The innovative focus of this collection is not limited to the perfect reproduction of the appearance of industrial brickwork, but is also evident in the variety of ways in which it can be used: it is ideal for both floors and walls. Not only the classic 6×25 size, but also the new 34×34, 17×34, 60.5×60.5 and 60×60 rectified sizes make it possible to create stylish brickwork surfaces on both floors and walls, indoors and out.

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17x34, 6x25


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