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  Fabula tells a wonderful tale, which begins with the discovery of and continues with their . The result is a collection of that makes your dreams come true. Ideal for instilling warmth and natural elegance to the most diverse architectural contexts.   With  30×120 and 20×120, a  20×120 pattern and  5.7×60, Fabula adapts to any  in   and  environments.   Each of the five tones respects the distinctive features – knots, veins, shades – of the reference wood. Luminous shades and delicate changes in tone: Robur reproduces on porcelain stoneware all the astonishing authenticity of the most prestigious oak, a choice that is particularly recommended for spaces with a spontaneous elegance. A porcelain stoneware solution that draws its inspiration from the bewitching personality of  Teak, one of the most prestigious types of exotic wood. Theca boasts warm and welcoming tones. It attracts and enthrals by virtue of a simple and sincere natural appeal. Ulmus conveys, by means of porcelain stoneware, the beauty of elm, one of the most renowned kinds of European wood. A multifaceted solution, which has become unique thanks to an extensive symphony of knots and stripes, to transmit a feeling of warm and romantic elegance.  

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6x60, 20x120, 20x120 - Chevron



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