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GIOIA, the joy that beautiful things bring, by making our homes more welcoming and improving our lives. A ceramic project devoted mainly to bathrooms, but bringing a breath of freshness to the kitchen and other rooms in the home as well. GIOIA is unique, as it blends the feeling of coloured optimism to the exclusive design of different graphic patterns, created to turn the walls of your home into unique and exclusive surfaces to be admired like a work of art. GIOIA comes in a colour palette of 10 shades, plain white-body wall coverings with a lightly textured surface that is soft to the touch. The different colours come in a prestigious rectified format that is however easy to handle, 60×120 cm. One of the macro-trends of interior design is that of creating a strong character in rooms through the expressive use of colour. With the GIOIA collection, the creative styling of gardenia orchidea offers new ideas for decorating with colours, with original combinations, to dress any space with a unique, sophisticated touch. One of the most current forms of decoration is that of turning the walls of your home into spectacular backdrops that make the imagination travel to far-away destinations. GIOIA turns the wallpaper trend into a dream within everyone’s reach, with 9 patterns in size 60×120 cm. Not only easy to install even in small spaces, these porcelain stoneware subjects can even be laid on the floor. There’s something for every taste: from the tropical to the geometrical, passing through tapestry effects and frescoes inspired by ancient marvels. Choose the pattern that represents you best, design your own new oasis of well-beingdisegna la tua nuova oasi di benessere.

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60 x 120


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