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  The colours and harmony of the natural of the Life porcelain tile series blend together to give your ambience the , combining design and aesthetic harmony. The Life series with natural is available in 3 listel sizes: 30×120, 20×120, 14.7×120. The chromatic palette range is made up of 5 hues characterised by a distinct tone-on-tone variety that reproduces the characteristic nuances and veining of natural wood, recreating the natural dimension of architecture. The tiles of the Life series in the colours Oak, Moro and Noce are also available in the high thickness version for outdoor use, to bring the precious essences of natural wood into areas in all residential and commercial areas. The cool hues of are perfect for a space that transmits softness, give ambiances a sense of warmth, while Moro is a welcoming dark hue. The added value is the guarantee that the flooring that is completely which means excellent performance in terms of reliability and durability over time. Natural tiles by Caesar do not warp, are resistant to fire and water, are easy to clean, are suitable for use with underfloor heating, are resistant to scratches and to everyday detergents used on floors, and are safe.

גימורי הסדרה:

Matt, Textured

מידות הסדרה:

20x120, 30x120


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