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Less is more. Grespania’s Marítima wall tile collectiondraws on the Bauhaus art movement, which sought to create clean, simple shapescombining functionality and aesthetics. The series includes four different base tiles: Báltico and Egeo in white, and Barents in both white and beige, in 31.5×100 cm format. Around these base tiles, Grespania’s design department has created a series of decorative pieces, such as Kara and Grumant, which follow the concept of Bauhaus geometries and shapes to produce highly architectural effects, as well as the artistic-themed Hopen piece — all in dark tones to stand out against the base tiles. In terms of decorative pieces, the series also includes the geometric relief, Balear, in white and silver, and the hydraulic-style Alboran and Labrador. The Marítima series is recommended for settings which aim to combine modern design with fine materials that bring warmth and light.

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