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Decorative surfaces in porcelain stoneware capable of transforming any setting into a beautiful and comfortable living space. PAPIER is a project that creates almost pictorial scenes and nurtures creativity towards new inspirations.Mirage’s PAPIER collection combines a succession of floral and plant-themed subjects with a contemporary allure, a real Botanic Style.Opening up to the landscape, the space is amplified and creates a totally immersive experience between nature and modernity. A visual escape to rediscover contact with nature, even in the world of indoor and outdoor living.Available in sizes of 1200×2780 mm and 600x1200mm, PAPIER is the result of extensive stylistic research, also in terms of combinability. In fact, the possibilities to combine them with other collections in the Mirage® range are endless, allowing them to harmonise with the space and offer solutions that enhance the mood of each project.

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1200 x 2780 x 6, 600 x 1200

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